Time to Plan for Fall

The days of summer have almost run their course. Before you know it schools will be back in session, schedules will shift, and we will find ourselves engrossed in football season and the cooling weather. This is also a major shift for your business. Even though it seems like a simple shift, this time can set you up for business success. It’s time to plan for Fall!

Prepare for Schools to be Back in Session

Kids returning to school can have all kinds of impact on your business. Taking kids to and picking them up from school can change availability and impact scheduling. Buses returning to the road will change the traffic massively impacting you, your employees, and your customers. The return of school time to the daily schedule can even alter your busy times during the day.

Knowing this is coming, and being prepared for the adjustment, can be vital to a positive transition for everyone. Remember to be patient and ready to adjust.

Plan Your Seasonal Promotions

There may be some service or product you offer that will provide extra value during the fall. Take the time to set up those specials and promotions now. Offer a special, a giveaway, or a promotion tied into the return of college students, the increasing business of parents, or that product/service that will make life just a little easier. Taking a moment to think about this now will give you a head start.

Remember Open Enrollment

The open enrollment season is coming, and yet another stressor will be added to your business life this fall. Take a moment to review your offerings, prepare for anything new, and set up a process to ensure your business is ready to go and compliant. It may seem simple, but these small steps will lead to a much smoother fall.

Prepare for the Holidays Now

It won’t be long before the holiday season is upon us, and those times tend to be incredibly busy. Now is the time for you to prepare your business for the holiday season. Are you traditionally busier? Then take the time to plan and prepare for that increase in traffic. Are sales slower? Then prepare now to increase you prospecting and help increase those sales ahead of time to prepare for a slower season.

Whether promotions, sales, vacations, reviews, or any other task that alters your business landscape over the holidays, this is the time to prepare for success.

The change of seasons is an incredible time for business owners as long as they take advantage of the change, prepare for it, and execute with vision.

Your North Charleston Chamber

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