Active Connections

What: The Ambassadors of the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce will connect with every new member to create and develop a community that works together and refers to each other. Ambassadors will help connect you with resources and potential customers.

Why: We believe that your Chamber should work for you, all the time. We want to focus on putting you in contact with people who can help your business through what they provide or using your services/products.

Director: Roger Swanson

Member Mixers

Our member mixers are designed to help micro business owners, or their representatives, connect with each other and larger companies that can use their services. This is possible through our focus of creating an environment that is conducive to people wanting to create business connections.

Why: Networking is the key to the world. Whether you realize it or not, networking is how we function and at our mixers you will have the ability to connect with decision makers and get potential referrals, both which can directly impact your bottom line.

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Director: Angela Herndon

Monthly Education Lunch and Learns

What: Every month at our hour-long Lunch and Learn sessions, our members come together to hear from a chamber sponsor (10 minutes) and receive educational instruction from a college level training program (50 minutes).

Why: If you aren’t learning, you are dying. Regardless of your success level, you can always benefit from education and a renewed focus on improvement.

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Chair: Steve Nettles
Registration Co-Director: Jenna Phillip
Set Up Co-Director: Curtis Richards

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

What: Our members get 1 free Ribbon Cutting as part of the membership to help promote their businesses.

Why: Because we all need customers and marketing.

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Director: Beth Smith


What: Our members are able to offer and receive discounts from other Chamber members to help facilitate business between members.

Why: We want to save money and make money, the Chamber is just here to help.

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Director: Richard Trio

annual retreat, business cruise, networking cruise, charleston chamber

Annual Networking Retreat

What: We partner with G-Net of Charleston annually to host a networking cruise. This allows our members to relax while participating in educational programs and fostering business connections.

Why: Why not? Its a vacation, education, networking, with friends, drinks, and fun all in one.

Register or learn more about the 4th Annual Networking Retreat.

Director: Janette Hankins
Co-Director: Denise Deaton

Annual Awards Banquet

What: Our annual awards banquet recognizes local individuals and companies that have significantly impacted the Chamber, Chamber Members, or the North Charleston community.

Why: Too many heroes lack the proper recognition they deserve, we want to create the time and place to acknowledge them.

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2018 New Programs

Forever Young Professionals | Veteran-Owned Business Development

Women in Business Coffee Talks | Non-Profit Assistance

Annual Awards Banquet | Minority-Owned Business Development