Active Connections

What: North Charleston Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors connect with every new member, creating and developing a community working together. These active connections provide resources, support, and referrals to potential customers to help everyone grow together.

Why: Your Chamber should work for you all the time. The North Charleston Chamber focuses on putting you in contact with people who can help your business with support either from their services/products or by utilizing yours.

Director: Jay Robinson

Member Mixers

What: Successful growth is based on personal connection. That’s why our member mixers are designed to help micro business owners, or their representatives, build those connections with each other and larger companies in need of their services. By creating a fun, engaging environment conducive to creating connections, we find a way to grow as people and professionals.

Why: Connection is the key to growth, happiness, and the world. Connecting with other professionals is how we function and succeed. Our mixers give you the ability to meet decision-makers and get potential referrals, which both directly impact your bottom line.

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Director: Alan Thompson 

Monthly Education Lunch and Learns

What: Our monthly, hour-long Lunch & Learn gatherings bring members together to develop and grow in a fun, connected environment. Members will hear from a Chamber sponsor (10 minutes) and then receive top-notch educational instruction from a collegiate level training program (50 minutes)

Why: If you’re not learning, you’re dying. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, there’s always something you can learn or improve. Active education and development keep us sharp, focused, and prepared for success.

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Director: Glenna Richards

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

What: North Charleston Chamber members are our community, so we support them with 1 FREE Ribbon Cutting to help promote their business. We hold 1-3 such events every month, and the turnout, climate, and energy is always exciting.

Why: We’re a community, and we celebrate our members. These Ribbon Cuttings give you a chance to draw new customers with a unique marketing approach, and let us share the joy of your success with you.

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Director: Jenna Philipp


What: Our members are able to offer and receive discounts from other Chamber members to help facilitate business and build the strength of our community.

Why: We all want to save and make money. The North Charleston Chamber is here to help.

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Director: TBD


Annual Networking Retreat

What: There comes a time when networking events start to blur together. That’s why every year we host a networking retreat annually for professionals to connect and unwind at an authentic level. Amazing educational programs, genuine connections with each other, and a heavy dose of much-needed relaxation.

Why: Why not? It’s a vacation, education, connecting with friends, drinks, and great times all in one.

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Travel Agent: MES Junkets

North Charleston Business Expo 2022

What: The North Charleston Business Expo is the premier, all-day business event that brings together local business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Featuring a ticketed kick-off luncheon, open Contacts to Contracts networking session, a networking event, and so much more, this is an event to be at.

Why: This is an amazing opportunity to connect with over 2,500 business professionals, from small business entrepreneurs to senior executives, plus over 200 regional vendors.

When: August 23, 2022

Pack the Back, Back to School Event 2022

What: The Pack the Back, Back to School Event, is a charity project aimed at providing free back-to-school materials for underprivileged children in our community.

Why: Sponsorship of this event is a great chance to make a positive impact on a child’s life by helping to build their confidence and show them that there are people in the community who want to see them succeed. This is also an opportunity to gain positive recognition for your business supporting a charitable community event.

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When: August 6, 2022