Why Join the North Charleston Chamber?

There are many great reasons to join the North Charleston Chamber. Learn more about our programs and benefits below.


Your network is your net worth. Surrounding yourself with other business owners, who have walked the path you are walking at different levels and times, helps you and your business grow. Whether you can benefit from mentoring or being mentored, your time within our community and its incredible members will be valuable and impactful.


It all starts with networking. Networking is where you meet and connect with your new friends and future referral partners, get the next great idea, and find inspiration. It’s an environment more than an activity, a culture and experience where business professionals can relax and grow together. Our events give you a space to grow and open yourself up to ideas and capabilities much larger than you ever dreamed of.


The many are always stronger than the one. The Chamber helps you and your company harness the power, experiences, and resources of members from various industries. We can help you connect to others who can impact your business, direct you to the things you need, facilitate your next step, or allow you to be a resource for others.

Professional Development

We offer incredible programs for you to learn and grow as a professional. Through our Lunch & Learns and a constantly growing array of other valuable programs, you get the education that can’t be taught in a classroom. Harnessing real life experiences from featured speakers who are experts in their industry, you will be able to jump to new levels of growth.


Trusted referrals are still the most vital source of business today. Nothing is more impactful on our decision making than the recommendation of someone we know. A recommendation from a Chamber member, many of whom are well-seasoned and reputable business leaders, goes a long way.

Member Discounts

It’s good to keep it in the family. Our family is large and wants to help you save money, then earn a little more. By offering and receiving discounts from other Chamber members, you get the best services at the best prices while supporting your family and community.


As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. With a powerful name, experienced business members, and sound leadership, our Chamber is ready and excited to partner with other organizations, making massive impacts to the local community and small businesses.

How much is it?

  • Student: $50/year
  • 1099 Individual: $200/year
  • Non-Profit Organization: $200/year
  • Restaurants: $500/year
  • 1-3 Employees: $250/year
  • 4-6 Employees: $300/year
  • 7-10 Employees: $400/year
  • 11-49 Employees: $500/year
  • 50-100 Employees: $1000/year
  • 101-150 Employees: $1500/year
  • 151-200 Employees: $2000/year
  • 201+ Employees: $2500/year

Chamber Programs

Some of the ongoing Benefits of Chamber Membership:

  • Promotion by the Chamber
  • Monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Quarterly Member Mixers
  • MemberPerks
  • Chamber Advertising
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Veteran Business Development
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Young Entrepreneurs Development
  • Non Profit Assistance
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