Why Join Charleston Business Group?

At the Charleston Business Group, we elevate and promote one another through the gradual curation of natural relationship building. By placing an emphasis on first getting to know the person behind the business, we are able to deflect the transactional, forced business environment that we are all used to seeing at other business networking events.
We are dedicated to driving intentional service by helping other working professionals, business owners, & entrepreneurs both young and old, focus on impact over profit. Fruitfulness is simply a by-product of placing service to others at the forefront of our efforts.

Here at the Charleston Business Group, you will experience the new, invigorating energy that you’ve been looking for all along. Nobody likes a dry, dull atmosphere characterized by forced conversations, tacky sales pitches, and wrongful intentions. As a member of the Charleston Business Group, you will make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

At the Charleston Business Group, we know what it means to drive value for others. The value should be consistent, thoughtful, and unique in a rapidly changing, competitive world. It is not enough to be good at what you do anymore. You have to be agile, resourceful, and forward-thinking to create the best version of yourself each and every day. To help with this, members will have access to innovative, exclusive leadership development opportunities throughout the course of each calendar year.