Halfway to Your Goals

It’s halfway through the year and halfway to your goals. This year has been full of tumultuous events, with the ground shifting beneath our feet almost daily. In such times it can be tempting to throw our goals away and move on with no certain plan. It’s easier than facing an uncertain world. But we feel differently. Now is not the time to throw your goals away. Now is the time to review your goals and adjust them if you need to. Here are three easy tips to help.

Know Your Numbers

When you start a goal you need to have a way to measure it. Especially to see if you’re halfway to your goals. If you’ve been keeping up with tracking your progress you should have some data to review. Take the time and look at your numbers. Did you do what you needed to? Did the pandemic throw you off your pace? Be honest when looking at your data. It will help you understand what you will need to adjust or what you need to do to make your goals.

The End in Sight

What is your ultimate goal? Knowing the end of your goal is important. Take a look at that end and decide if it’s realistic anymore. Maybe it is. In that case, take some time and decide if your current numbers are good enough to meet it. Or will you have to do more? Maybe you’re way ahead of your pace and the time has come to increase the end goal. Only you know for sure, so review carefully and be honest.

Account for Changes

The world has changed. Many businesses aren’t doing in-person meetings anymore. Networking events have been on hiatus. Some of these changes may impact your ability to meet your goals. They may have completely changed them. While you’re reviewing your numbers, take some time, and think about how the world has changed. Maybe your goals need to change with it.

YOUR North Charleston Chamber

Times are changing, but we’re still here for you. As the world undergoes shifts related to the pandemic and its economic impact, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together. That goes for every member of the North Charleston Chamber. Owning a business can be difficult, and incredibly stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact us today to learn how the North Charleston Chamber can help you.