Chamber Update on Coronavirus

Hello Chamber Members,

We are facing a time of significant concern, fear, and the unknown in our society because of the Coronavirus. Chamber Leadership, like you, are preparing as owners of their businesses and preparing the Chamber for what may or may not be on the horizon for our economy and lives as the measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus are implemented. We want to assure all of our members that we are closely monitoring our local governments and school districts to make decisions regarding our events and things we can do to help our community.

At this time, we have not canceled any events, as we understand that now, more than any time in the last decade, networking is critical. Networking with each other can allow us to develop ideas to get through this difficult situation, how to address concerns from this situation, and possibly allow for revenue to be generated for you. However, should the concern for the virus continue to increase and local governments begin to cancel events or gatherings of similar size to ours, we will, of course, follow suit.

As a marketing professional, I want to take a quick moment to remind you that now is the opportunity to utilize your marketing to connect with your customers. Use your social media, email, web, and app platforms to communicate to your customers regarding changes, sales to move product, and to identify opportunities to serve your community while keeping your doors open and employees safe. Please feel free to reach out to us if there is anything we can do for you during this time.

Alan Thompson, Steve Nettles, & Your Chamber Ambassador Team