Your Battle Buddy: How the Chamber Helps Veteran Business Owners

The Chamber is for Veteran Business Owners

My husband served four years in the Army. During his service and 15-month deployment to Iraq, he developed strong bonds with his fellow soldiers. His really close comrades were called “battle buddies,” friends he could rely on to be there for him even in the worst situations, like in the heat of battle. I have no doubt, in situations like serving in war-torn Iraq, your connections with your fellow soldiers can become very strong when you rely on each other to accomplish goals, and even come through dangerous situations.

The North Charleston Chamber of Commerce understands the value that veteran business owners bring to the community and the hardships they face navigating the business world. Our co-founder, Alan Thompson is a veteran as well and currently serves in the Air Force Reserve. He understands the importance of supporting our service men and women as they make their transition from soldier to civilian, and from combat to normal life. The odds can be stacked against our veterans and the Chamber wants to help clear the path for their chances of success, be there during the confusing and difficult moments of starting a business, and give them tools to grow their business. We are their battle buddy.

Soldier returning home, holding his son in his arms

Chamber Benefits for Veteran Business Owners

Resources: By joining the Chamber, our veterans gain access to a collection of valuable resources, including education, training, networking opportunities, and advice from the area’s most successful business owners.

Guidance: Navigating the world of starting and running a business can be overwhelming and confusing. Our Chamber Ambassadors meet with every new member to introduce them to the Chamber and community, and provide them with guidance to get the most of their membership. Our veterans will also have guidance from the connections with other Chamber members and through our monthly Lunch and Learn events and networking events.

Mentorship: The value of a mentor is immeasurable. Veterans have a direct connection to successful and experienced business owners in our community who are willing to become a mentor. With the Chamber, veterans are never alone and will benefit from the close connection of other members in the community.

If you are a veteran, consider joining the Chamber today and find your business-development “battle buddy.”  Community, networking, professional development, referrals, member discounts, and collaboration. These benefits of membership are just the beginning. Let’s talk and get you started today!