The Importance Of A Strong Handshake

The human hand is the most expressive part of our body. It can communicate more in one minute than it takes to tell the story of your life. The more comfortable people are with their hands, the better they will be at communicating with them. And thus, the importance of a handshake.

Handshakes have been used since ancient times as an expression of goodwill, respect, and friendship among people who meet face-to-face. A strong handshake can help create an instant bond between two people who have just met or are meeting again after a long time apart. It’s also a way to show respect and appreciation for others’ time and energy by showing that you value them as individuals. When someone offers their hand, you should always shake it firmly without squeezing too hard or holding on too long (unless they initiate this).

On the other hand, a weak handshake could convey weakness in other areas of your life, such as your career and personal relationships. Worse yet, it could give off the impression that you are unable to properly control yourself or handle pressure well enough.

When it comes to initiating or furthering a business relationship, or even just networking at an event, a proper handshake is an excellent way to build that initial block of trust. Here are some tips on how to properly shake hands in the business world:

Extend your right hand with the palm up when greeting someone else

If the other person extends their right hand as well, place your left hand on top of theirs and shake firmly two or three times. After releasing the grip, keep holding onto the person’s right hand while shaking it again once more before letting go. This shows that you are confident and willing to work hard for his or her business.

Stand close, but not too close, to the other person for the handshake

Be sure not to leave much space between the two of you when shaking hands; place one foot forward so that your arms won’t bump into each other while shaking hands. However, at the same time, you should always be mindful of respecting personal space and boundaries, so be sure not to get nose-to-nose or chest-to-chest and make the other person uncomfortable.

Maintain eye contact during the handshake

Eye contact is important during a handshake because it shows you’re engaged in the conversation. It signals that you’re listening and interested in what the other person has to say. Don’t look down at their shoes while shaking hands; maintain eye contact with them while talking and listening carefully during conversation so you can truly get a sense of who they are as people! You also want to make sure that you’re maintaining eye contact for about three seconds or so. This allows you to build rapport with the other person and gives them time to process what you’re saying. If you maintain eye contact for too long, however, it can be perceived as aggressive or rude. So if you find yourself staring at someone’s eyes for an uncomfortable amount of time, break away sooner rather than later.