Summer Planning for Businesses

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer is the time to get outside, spend time with the kids and relax on the beach all day long, right? That sounds great, but how do you do that when you own a business that demands 40+ hours of your time or weekends on the job? The summer months can be a hard time to stay focused on what is important and keep on grinding each and every day, but it is also one of the most vital times to grow your business. Your competitors are out lounging by the pool, so guess who is getting all the new clients? YOU!


How to Stay Productive

It is so easy to lose focus and fall behind during the summer. Which is why we have put together a few ways that we have found successful to keep the momentum going for you and your team through the hot and lazy months.


  1. Half-Day Fridays: No one is really productive after about noon on Fridays anyway. We’re all thinking about what’s going on this weekend and after work, so the afternoon just seems to drag on forever. Allowing staff the afternoons off on Fridays will make them more productive during the time they are there and refreshed for Monday morning.
  2. Encourage planned time off: Work/life balance is especially important during the summer. Talk with your team about when a slow period might be and encourage them to take time off when their department is going through a lull. Not only will they come back feeling refreshed, but they won’t return to a mountain of work that piled up while they were gone.
  3. Go on a walking meeting: Instead of meeting inside your office, ask if the person you’re meeting with would be up for a walking meeting. Take a stroll around the block as you chat and get in some sunshine, vitamin D, and even a little exercise while you’re working.
  4. Take breaks: Sitting in your office for 8 hours straight sounds miserable when it’s so beautiful outside. Schedule a few quick breaks throughout your day to talk a walk around the building, step outside for a breath of fresh air, or eat your lunch outside. These small breaks will have you feeling rejuvenated and refocused when you get back in the office.


Your North Charleston Chamber

Here at the Chamber, we don’t slow down just because it’s summertime! We believe in the importance of perseverance all year long. Check out our Events calendar to see what we’re going to be up to this summer. We hope to see you there!