Help Your Business Grow, Join the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce Today

If you own a business in North Charleston, you know the area is full of companies vying for customer attention. Make your business stand out by joining the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce!

North Charleston Chamber of Commerce Programs

We can help your business stand out from all the rest by hosting a Ribbon Cutting at your business and actively promoting you as a new member. We will also assist you with networking, through our Quarterly Mixers. These mixers set up an environment favorable to making connections with larger companies who could use your products and services. We will help you with business education through our Monthly Lunch and Learns, where you will hear 1-2 local business professionals speak on a topic that is important to the community then hear about an educational topic all within the space of a lunch hour.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

You may wonder what a Chamber of Commerce is? It’s simple. Chambers are dedicated groups that protect and promote the local business community.  These groups’ primary goals are to help business owners network and grow. At the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce, we focus specifically on micro business development through the exchange of ideas and information and sharing experiences and solutions. We ensure that our members get connections with our other members through our Active Connections Program. This program provides that every new member gets three connections with existing members. We also offer MemberPerks which allows member businesses to share savings or discounts with other member companies.

Minority Entrepreneur Business Development

Here at the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce we recognize the impact minority business owners have on our economy, and so we make sure that minority entrepreneurs have chances to network, educational opportunities, and the resources they need to make their businesses successful through our Minority Entrepreneur Business Development program.

Importance of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

Research backs up how important being a member of a chamber is. In a survey by The Schapiro Group in 2012, results showed that if respondents knew that a small business was a member of their local chamber, the business enjoyed 49% increase in consumer favorability rating. The survey also noted several other positive statistics such as a 73% growth in consumer awareness of the businesses, a 68% increase in its local reputation, and an 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future.

Networking Events

If those stats don’t sway you, we also have an Annual Award Banquet to recognize our exceptional members and an Annual Networking Retreat done in partnership with G-Net.

Give Back to the Community

Finally, we make sure that the Chamber is giving back throughout the year via blood drives, food banks, clean up the street programs and other philanthropic efforts. We do this because we believe a Chamber should have a direct and tangible impact on the community it serves.

So, if you have a business in the North Charleston area and want to see it grow, join us! We can’t wait to have you as the next member of North Charleston Chamber of Commerce.