Working or Volunteering for the Chamber

To apply for a position or to be an ambassador- email

At the North Charleston Chamber of Commerce, our ambassadors and staff make a difference every day. We actively support and work for local micro businesses and professionals. If you are looking for an organization to volunteer for or to work for, look no further.

By working or volunteering for the Chamber you will receive some awesome benefits in addition to playing a major role in the success of local businesses, such as:

  • Commission on new memberships
  • Free entry into select Chamber events
  • Access to our MemberPerks program
  • Provided leads and networking opportunities
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Professional Development and Training

We are currently looking for:

Ambassadors – Our ambassadors are the backbone of the Chamber. You will play a fundamental role in the success of members’ businesses as well as the Chamber’s existence. This role is ideal for someone that is looking to meet a lot of people to advance their company, job, or community involvement while making an additional income.

Requirements are:

  • Reliable Transportation
  • Working Computer and Phone
  • Willing to take charge of one of our programs
  • Willing to meet with prospective members
  • Actively networking
  • Energetic
  • A desire to connect members together and help others network